Get Involved


There are a lot of ways you can help us support our animals and not all of them have to cost you time or money. For those wanting to help us financially you can donate to us, leave us a gift in your will or purchase something we badly need from our Amazon Wishlist. However, you could also volunteer your time and help us maintain a high standard of quality care right here at the centre.


Otherwise, you can simply support us on Facebook or you could organise fundraising events and campaign for us in your local community. We can offer help and advice with promotional events and provide you with collection boxes, banners and educational information on request.


We also take in old, unwanted items that you and your pet have finished with. If you have some old towels or blankets you’d like to get rid of, we can make good use of them! Unfortunately, we’re unable to accept any feathered bedding but if you have something you think we could use, please get in touch with us as our animals love to have new things to play with, new activities to enjoy and a comfortable place to sleep at night.



Send us a donation and help us care for all animals in need through rehoming, veterinary care, campaigns and education.



There’s hundreds of ways to fundraise for the Animals’ Refuge and have fun. Go here for more information.



By temporarily offering your home to an animal, you can help us look after sick and injured animals.


Gift In A Will

By leaving us a gift in a will, you can help us grow and save more animals every year.